About Us

As a non-profit organization and Cycling BC affiliated club, our goal is to provide more opportunities for kids of all income levels to get on bikes. The goal is to have fun on bikes in a safe and supportive learning environment, and to help riders develop bike skills that also translate into powerful life skills of resilience and teamwork. Youth will feel empowered to explore and grow into lifelong leaders, in a space where everyone’s opinion matters and is valued. The vision is to provide a platform for community to come together, have fun, and support each other, all centred around the amazing sport of mountain biking in the village of Cumberland, B.C. Our club instructors are passionate about mountain biking and helping the youth of the community explore and develop their bike skills.


To provide fun, exciting and educational experiences for youth. We aim to get more kids of all backgrounds and ethnicities in nature, building skills, confidence and fitness to help them push the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of. Collaboration and encouragement as well as individual success is important to us. Our mission is also to bring the community together and collaborate via this positive club platform. Membership fees will cover operating costs, and will help create scholarships for youth to access our programs.


Be change makers in the bike industry! Our vision is to level the playing field for more kids to get on bikes. To see the community rally together to support all demographics and provide avenues of play while developing skills for all kids.


Fun, safety, skill development, inclusion, performance, community